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Engagement (or as Claire would say, “Getting peeps talking”)

Does your nonprofit know the difference between documentation and communication? Make sure you do in Stop Documenting. Start Communicating.

Getting people on your email list is very important, but so is what you do after you get them there. Katya Andresen shares what to do once someone signs up for your email list in The Vital Emails You Might Be Forgetting to Send.

Many nonprofit marketing campaigns are short sighted – the only goal being to get more sign-ups. Allyson Kapin explains how nonprofits need to think more long-term in Three Strategies to Plan Campaigns and Engage Supporters. Allyson also gives us 37 Tips to Engage Your Website Visitors.

Darren Barefoot shares How NGOs Win with Facebook: Better Engagement in Five Easy Lessons.

And, as Jeff Brooks shares, once you have folks engaged make sure you keep them by being consistent across your communication channels. I added my two cents in the comments on that one, and would love to hear yours too!

Time Management

Beth Kanter shares some tips via NTEN on How to Avoid Getting “Content Fried.”

Nonprofit 2.0 also has some tips on managing priorities from their session Dealing with Silos Inside Nonprofit Organizations. This is also relevant to those of you who felt like the “My Communications Director is an Idiot” post hit close to home.

Nonprofit Training

Registration continues for our new e-clinic Donor Newsletters that Raise More Money, also with Tom Ahern. Tom can help your print newsletter raise more money.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com Webinars

FREE for Everyone – August 22: Help! My Logo Sucks! (featuring Julia Reich)

For Pass Holders – August 23: So What and Who Cares Part II: Messaging Makeovers

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