Happy Friday! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there. I’m personally looking forward to French Toast in bed Sunday morning . . . but until then, let’s share some Mixed Links!

Two Studies on Generations and Giving

The Next Generation of American Giving: A Study on the Contrasting Charitable Habits of Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Matures

New Survey of Millennial Donors Finds They Want Relationships, Specific Appeals, Input Opportunities

We are planning a webinar on marketing to the different generations to help you see how to apply what’s here to your work.

Three Studies on Online Marketing and Fundraising

Updates of three big annual studies on online marketing and fundraising are now available:

2010 E-Nonprofit Benchmarks from NTEN and M+R

Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report from NTEN, Common Knowledge, and the Port.

2010 Convio Nonprofit Online Benchmark Study

And Even More Good Stuff to Download

NTEN has compiled all the great stuff (presentations, blog posts, etc.) that came out of the Nonprofit Technology Conference. Feast away!

Bad Behavior

Nancy Schwartz and others rightly called out Susan G. Komen for partnering with KFC. I was already tired of seeing pink ribbons on everything at the grocery store, but this is just gross. Maybe it’s just the vegetarian in me, but Pink + Chicken = Raw Meat = Salmonella Poisoning.  I think they’ve tapped out the cause marketing with this one.

An Email List That’s Totally Worth It

I used to be on a lot of email discussion lists and unsubbed from most of them because the value just wasn’t there given the time it took to read them. So I put off subscribing to the Progressive Exchange. But after several friends mentioned it, I went ahead and got on the list, and wow. It’s great. Tons of smart, progressive nonprofits talking about communications, marketing, technology, fundraising and more. Check it out (if you work on progressive/liberal issues).

Save the Internet, Save the World

Sign this petition to the FCC from the nonprofit community. In a nutshell, it says you believe that Internet Service Providers don’t have the right to slow or stop access to your website just because they don’t like it, or because they like someone else’s better  (like someone who pays them more money than you do). NTEN has all the details.

Next on Our Webinar Schedule

May 11: Turn Your Fundraising Event into the Best Party in Town

May 13: Nonprofit Writing Stinks! Bring Your Writing Back to Life

May 20: Writing Moving Profiles about Donors, Clients, and Other Supporters

May 25: Powerful Programs and Amazing Auctions for Your Fundraising Party

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