Earlier this year, we shared Five Big Trends in 2022 for Nonprofit Social Media, but today I want to give you a heads up about some more things that could change the way you use social media:

  • Short form, vertical video (like what’s used on TikTok and Instagram/Facebook Reels) will continue to rise in popularity
  • Flipbook style content (like Stories and Carousels)
  • Community building will become increasingly more important to brands
  • Social media will continue to be used as a search engine
  • Greater emphasis on mental health
  • Brand inclusivity and more social awareness
  • Trending Audio will be used to connect people like hashtags
  • Customer service via social media will add to social media managers workload
  • Consumers will buy products directly from social media platforms as opposed to following links
  • Influencer marketing keeps rising
  • Continuing turmoil at Twitter

Newer or Possible Upcoming Features:


  • Expanding Reels to more countries
  • Reels Overlay Ads for creators
  • Group admin help to reduce workload like automatically declining incoming posts containing false information or automatically approving or rejecting member requests based on set criteria


  • Instagram Guides to house your curated content
  • Subscriptions to allow restricted access to Stories and Lives
  • Badges which let viewers show their support monetarily (must have 10,000 followers)
  • Testing longer lengths for Stories


  • Videos are now 10 minutes long (originally they were only 60 seconds)
  • Repost button
  • Testing Search Ads
  • TikTok Stories


  • Spaces that let you have live conversations
  • Creating Newsletters delivered via Twitter
  • Communities allow only members of a community to engage and participate in the discussion
  • Downvote to see fewer similar tweets


  • Live and auto-generated captions for videos
  • Post recommendations to Groups
  • Commenting as your Company as opposed to just your personal profile
  • LinkedIn Newsletters that let you send content to LinkedIn members
  • LinkedIn Podcast Network

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Published On: July 5, 2022|Categories: Social Media|