I’ve just released my new e-book, “How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report” and am offering you, my blog readers, a $5 off coupon, if you download the e-book by August 31, 2007. Here is the coupon code you’ll need: 329855

The e-book is compilation of practically everything I have written to date on nonprofit annual reports. It’s a clear, practical, and easy-to-follow guide that will help you produce the best annual report possible for your nonprofit.

It will answer all of these questions for you, and more:

  • Do we really need an annual report?
  • What are the basic steps in creating an annual report?
  • Who in the office should write it?
  • How do I write each section?
  • What should it look like?
  • How long should it be?
  • What kinds of photo and graphics should we use?
  • When should we release the report?
  • Is it OK to do an annual report every other year?
  • Who should get a copy?
  • Should we put it on our website and how?
  • Does the report need to be fancy and printed in full color?
  • How do we talk about bad news?
  • How do we know if our annual report worked for us?
  • What can we do now to prepare for next year’s annual report?
  • What are the most common mistakes nonprofits make with their annual reports?
  • It’s $29.99 ($24.99 with the coupon) and available for immediate download at www.NonprofitAnnualReports.net. Here’s the coupon code again –329855 — which you’ll need when you get to the checkout page.

    P.S. Want some additional hand-holding as you create your annual report? Sign up for my annual report e-course and you’ll get a copy of the e-book, a workbook, access to a private bulletin board, and my feedback on your questions and ideas.

    Published On: August 15, 2007|Categories: Fundraising|