Receptionists can be a lifeline for your organization. They can have many responsibilities, including being the heartbeat of the office and the first person clients or supporters talk to, leaving them with a wonderful first impression.

Or not.

You might also find yourself in this situation, shared with us by a nonprofit communicator through our newest spin on our Day in the Life blog series. We are calling it Nonprofit Communications Confidential, where we ask for your (anonymous) day-to-day frustrations:

“My receptionist does not screen calls, she just puts them through to who SHE thinks they should go to. And she balks every time I take more than one piece of mail to her to send, but part of her job description is processing incoming and outgoing mail.”


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You might be worried just about the communications between your program staff and communications staff, but EVERYONE in your nonprofit needs to be working together to deliver a consistent experience to your supporters. Your organization’s customer service is an important aspect of what you do, and your receptionist needs to be fully integrated into that.

Take a look at Joanne Fritz’s article How to Make Customer Service Shine at Your Nonprofit and Sarah Mackey’s Yes, Customer Service Is Important for more advice and how to change that culture.


Is something bothering you at your organization? Share it with us below:


Published On: October 19, 2015|Categories: Your Nonprofit Marketing Career Path|