Yeah, you’ve been there. You’re cc’d on an email that has nothing to do with you. Then, to make matters worse, everyone who answers that email hits “Reply All” continuing the endless loop of suck.

How about this scenario, sent in anonymously through our newest spin on our Day in the Life blog series – Nonprofit Communications Confidential:

I have an idea! Let’s make ALL emails full-staff emails – let’s make that mandatory, so no one feels left out.

Of any decision.


In fact, why don’t I all-staff-email my internal dialogue, too?

“Should I do laundry tonight or wait ‘til Sunday?”

“How much daily screen time should I allow my tween this summer?”

Sound good? Anything to add?

{hits REPLY-ALL}

That sounds like a nightmare! Maybe you should add this to your email signature:

reply all kittens

If this is an issue in your office or if you are guilty of this yourself, check out these Rules for Using the “Reply All” Button.

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Published On: October 26, 2015|Categories: Your Nonprofit Marketing Career Path|