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This week we’ll take a look at the completely unrealistic expectations your boss puts on you. It’s enough to drive you to drink!


Here are a few workload frustrations you shared with us:

My boss never considers my workload when assigning a new task. Also, she assigns tasks by saying “I would like it to be done…” or even worse “I want…” instead of “If you could…” or “Can you…?” She doesn’t know the process of my work so it takes a while to explain what I am doing and why I have to use that much time.


We are growing very quickly and nobody seems to notice that my workload just gets bigger and bigger. We have recently brought on 3 new staff for a new project that I wasn’t made aware of until we got the funding. Nobody spoke to me about how this would affect my work, and it seems to be piling on. I am one person and have the weight of it all on my shoulders.


My Boss: “I know you are trying to get the 9 million more posts/blogs/press releases/emails done for year-end giving I just gave you, but I’d like to see your press plan for our February event.”


I get frustrated by the idea that I’m this communications wizard who can do all things quickly and easily. I’m smart, sure, but I don’t know everything, and it takes me time to research how to do things!

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