We’ve covered your agenda in our Day in the Life series, but now we want to know what ticks you off. Don’t worry, this form is anonymous so we won’t tattle on you.

Sharing your frustrations, struggles and annoyances is not only a great way for you to let off steam and commiserate with your fellow nonprofit communicators, but it also helps Kivi and me figure out better solutions for you so you can love your job.

For example, when we heard this from a communications director:

My executive director won’t put my event hashtag on the print marketing or in her presentations, because “that’s just for social media.”

It makes us want to:

bartlett headbang on desk

So fill out the form below and let’s start turning some things around (or at least laugh about it instead of cry).

Published On: October 12, 2015|Categories: Your Nonprofit Marketing Career Path|