Jeff at Donor Power Blog asks, “Just how useless is publicity?” Pretty darn useless for direct fundraising, says Jeff.

This is a good example of how your nonprofit marketing strategy needs to match tactics like publicity with your goals and audiences. Getting favorable press coverage will not cause someone to pull out the credit card. But, if someone has received numerous appeals from you, in person or otherwise, and is wavering about whether to write a check, or how big of a check to write, a nice feature in the paper may be just enough to push that decision in your favor.

But publicity isn’t the only way to nudge that donor. Again, it’s simply one tool. Email and print newsletters, blogs, direct mail, phone calls, peer networking – these are but a few of the ways you can reach donors and other supporters.

Clearly define your campaign goals. Clearly define your audience. Match them with the right communications, marketing, and publicity tools.

Published On: August 10, 2007|Categories: Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies|