As you know, we’re always on the lookout for the best new ways to connect with our audiences, and lately, Meta’s addition of the Threads App has been all the buzz. It caught our attention too, so we looked into just how this tool can benefit social impact communicators like us and who seems to be doing it right so far.

Getting Started on Threads

Setting up your Threads account is super easy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • No Username Hassle: Threads is powered by Instagram, who is powered by Meta. That means, Threads connects seamlessly with your existing Instagram account, eliminating the need for a new username. It’s worth noting that you must have an Instagram page/account to use Threads.
  • Profile Perfection: Once you’re on Threads, it’s time to personalize your profile. Upload a suitable profile logo, craft a concise bio, and include a link to your nonprofit’s website – same stuff you do on Instagram. It works exactly the same.
  • Get Busy: As of right now, you can post 500 character posts with links, up to 10 photos or videos up to 5 minutes long. And if you want expanded reach, Meta made cross-posting super easy. You can share a Threads post to your org Instagram story fast and simply.

NOTE: Keep in mind that while deactivating your Threads account won’t affect your Instagram content, saying goodbye to Threads completely means also bidding farewell to your Instagram presence as well. So, tread carefully with the decision.

Nonprofits Leading the Way

Being an early adopter of Threads gives your nonprofit a chance to shine while its still here in its early days. A whole suite of 501(c)(3) organizations have already embarked on their Threads journey, actively setting up accounts to take advantage of the new opportunity. The list includes the likes of:

Each of these organizations is exploring a different approach to engage with their audience successfully. However, you’ll find that most of them are infusing some level of entertainment and education, or what we like to call “edutainment.” By infusing playfulness and interactivity into their Threads content, they’re seeming some great success with engagement.

Kicking Things Off with a Warm Welcome

Many have made this suggestion, and we agree.  Your first Threads post should warmly introduce yourself to followers on the platform while reinforcing your organization’s mission. Consider the example of To Write Love On Her Arms, a nonprofit supporting those dealing with mental health challenges. They kept it simple: “New platform, same mission: connecting people with hope + help.” Other organizations, have successfully used this approach as well. It sets a welcoming tone and encourages meaningful engagement from the outset.

Using that “share to Instagram” button is also going to help with bring some of your followers over to the Thread side as well.

Learning from Brands and Other Nonprofits

Here are some other approaches that notable brands have successfully used on the platform:

  • Museum of Modern Arts – @themuseumofmodernart: By connecting people worldwide to the art of our time, they’ve successfully utilized Threads to foster a global art community.
  • Nike – @nike: They highlight athlete and shoe stories, captivating their audience with inspiring content.
  • Wendy’s – @wendys: Known for their humorous and engaging content, they’ve embraced Threads with witty posts that resonate with their followers.
  • Lululemon – @lululemon: Their bio emphasizes mindfulness, sweat, and community, aligning perfectly with their Threads content that aims to inspire and connect.

What Else Is Working

Welp, much of what works on many of the other platforms:

  1. Repurpose Content: Don’t reinvent the wheel; use content from other platforms.
  2. Conversational Style: Engage your audience with natural, unscripted content.
  3. Stay Positive: Threads is all about positivity, so keep it light and avoid heavy or controversial topics.
  4. Add Some Fun: Inject humor and novelty into your content to make it more enjoyable.
  5. Build Connections: Interact with similar accounts to create a sense of community.
  6. Stay Current: Use trending topics and current events to your advantage.
  7. Show Engagement: Highlight ways for your audience to get involved, like volunteering opportunities.

If you have been following us and our guidance on what works on social, then you know, there’s not much new and novel here!

Stay authentic, stay engaged, tell stories, and work smart!

Building a Threads Community

Threads allows nonprofits like ours to showcase their impact and milestones, inspiring their supporters and creating a shared sense of accomplishment. This nurtures a positive and engaged community more likely to contribute to our nonprofit’s cause, whether through time, resources, or financial support –  the great  trifecta.

Some Guiding Questions

If your nonprofit hasn’t joined Threads yet, seize this chance to be an early adopter. Start building your audience in a space hungry for fresh content. Consider how this platform can fit into your nonprofit’s overall strategy. How can you make the most of its unique features to engage and inspire your audience? If you have the time and capacity, test it out.

Walk through a few of these questions and see what you come up with and then share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

  1. How can we inject humor and novelty into our Threads content to make it more enjoyable, drawing inspiration from brands like Wendy’s and their humorous or fun content?
  2. What unique stories or aspects of our nonprofit can we showcase on Threads to captivate our audience, much like Nike does with athlete and shoe stories?
  3. Are there any trending topics or current events relevant to our cause that we can tap into on Threads, as we saw with Arbor Day Foundation using the recent heat wave to champion their cause?
  4. In what ways can we highlight opportunities for our audience to get involved, such as volunteering or supporting our cause, as demonstrated by Baldrick’s Foundation?
  5. Which similar accounts or organizations can we engage with on Threads to build a sense of community and collaboration, following the example of UNICEF and WHO example?
  6. What great creative do you currently  have or can  easily develop to stand  out  visually  like  the Humane Society?

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