Despite being a visual platform, Instagram captions are very important to your overall strategy on the platform. Captions help you better tell your story, show up in keyword searches, and increase engagement.

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According to the Instagram Engagement Report 2022, including a caption on your feed posts, Stories and Reels gives you a pretty big boost in engagement.

And in North America, having a caption makes an even bigger difference in engagement rates.

Tips for Creating Instagram Captions:

  1. Always include a caption
  2. Start with your most compelling content as longer posts get truncated
  3. Use a tone and style consistent with your organization’s
  4. Tell a story in your caption that helps drive home the content itself
  5. An emoji can increase engagement, but keep it to less than five
  6. Fewer hashtags (between 1 and 5) tend to drive more interactions overall
  7. Use hashtags that are community and interest based as opposed to more generic hashtags
  8. Go short or go long. As you can see from the charts above, globally, captions with 1-20 characters and captions over 2000 characters see the most engagement. But in North America and the UK/Ireland engagement starts to drop after 20 characters
  9. Don’t forget a call to action

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