I worked my way through my snail mail inbox today and here’s what I found:

You Rock Thank You Card



It’s a thank you card from Regan Walsh of Flying Horse Farms. Here’s what was inside:

Regan's Thank You Card

  • A brief, but personal and heartful thank you for the free webinar I did last week (Note: timely, related to my “gift” and what it means to her/how it will be used)
  • A silly band related to the cause (Note: they work with kids and horses, so super relevant — and super inexpensive to buy and mail)
  • Three great pictures of campers (Note: printed on and cut out from regular copy paper, with a handwritten caption on the back, “FHF camper, age 7, caught 30 fish in two days.”)

Perfect. It’s that easy, folks.

I’m assuming that financial donors to Flying Horse Farms get similar (or better) treatment!

Regan didn’t ask me for anything, but here’s a “donor” who’s making a second unsolicited “gift” based on a great thank you letter: We are setting up Regan with a free All-Access Pass to the webinar series.




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