A couple of weeks ago, we asked on Facebook and Twitter what you would do if you had a whole free day to yourself at work, no meetings and no interruptions.

The top answer by far was some version of cleaning your office and getting your files organized. Seems nonprofit communicators are ready for some Spring cleaning! Other frequent answers include taking time to plan strategies and editorial calendars, to read, and to write.

Here are just a few sample responses  . . . 

 Sample Answers on NPCOMMFREEDAY


Then we asked what day of the week would be best, if you were going to block out a Nonprofit Communicators Free Day for yourself.

best day of week

Friday was the winner.

So here’s my new question to you: When are you scheduling your Nonprofit Communicators Free Day?

I’m doing it too. I’ve blocked out Friday, June 14 and Friday, July 5 as my Nonprofit Communicators Free Days and I will accept no meetings that day, won’t answer my phone, and will stay out of my inbox so I can focus on my personal top priorities, which usually involve planning and writing.

Will you join me on these two days, or any others that work for you?

Share when you’ve scheduled your #npcommfreeday in the comments or on Twitter!


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