I have had an Instagram account for over a year now. And I have posted exactly 3 pictures:

My sad, lonely Instagram profile

My sad, lonely Instagram profile


I like the idea of Instagram, I really do! Who doesn’t like looking at pictures?

Still, there have been a few things holding me back from really embracing it. And most of those reasons are a result of not taking the time to get familiar with it.

Perhaps they are the same reasons you haven’t gotten on board with Instagram either, so let’s try to break through our collective ignorance and figure out what makes Instagram one of the most engaging social networks out there. After all,  Instagram trails only Facebook in the number of users who check it daily and brand engagement is higher on Instagram than any other network.

Reasons I Do Not Use Instagram (even the silly ones):

1. It’s strictly mobile.

Yes, you can look through your news feed (is it even called a newsfeed? No, apparently it’s a “News tab” at Instagram) on your browser, but you can only upload photos from your phone.

Uh…..why is this a problem for me? I honestly don’t know. I only take photos with my phone. I am on my phone constantly.

I have to chalk this up to the fact I just haven’t gotten in the habit of using it, I guess? Yeah, this is one of the “silly reasons.” I can’t even explain it myself.

Let’s just move on…

2. I feel like anyone can see my photos.

Well, anyone can by default, but you can set your posts to private pretty easily (learn how). BUT if you are using Instagram for your nonprofit, then you should NOT set your posts to private. You want everyone to be able to see the awesome stuff you have going on, right?

Instagram is similar to Twitter in that it’s one big party. Making our posts private defeats that purpose.

3. Speaking of parties, I feel like I am too late for this one.

Seems like all of the cool kids have been on Instagram awhile, right? I feel a little left behind.

Yeah, who cares? Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, which means tons of new people join everyday.

We just need to get in there!

4. I have no idea what to post.

This may be the one legitimate reason I have. What do people want to see?

Well, from all the research I have done, they want to see us! The best Instagram accounts give a glimpse into a user’s life and what makes them unique.

I am still a little unsure on what to post though, so I have decided I will take the #NPCommPix Instagram Challenge Kivi is leading with Dawn Crawford from BC/DC Ideas.

Everyday in October, all of us who are not quite sure about Instagram can join with other nonprofit communicators and share how nonprofit professionals make it happen every day – how we bring our mission to life through the people, technology and tools we interact with every day.

Learn all about the challenge and how to participate.

They have even given us topics for everyday:

So let the Instagram newbies unite!

Follow me @kristinaleroux so we can encourage each other in this challenge and follow Kivi (@KiviLM ) and Dawn (@BCDCIdeas) for prompts everyday (and to see how Instagram is done).

Also, keep an eye on the #NPCommPix hashtag to see what others are doing.


To see how other nonprofits are tackling Instgram, see Kerri Karvetski’s Pinterest board Instagram – Nonprofits That Get It