The 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report reveals what nonprofits big and small have planned for 2012.

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Highlights from the Report

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Big 6 Communication Tools for Nonprofits: website, email, Facebook, print, in-person events, and media/PR.

Only 24% of nonprofits have written & approved marketing plan for 2012. Nonprofit Comm Trends Report:

78% of nonprofits say they'll email supporters at least monthly in 2012. Nonprofit Comm Trends Report

Facebook twice as important to nonprofits as blogging, video, or Twitter, according to 2012 Trends Report:

Facebook beats Twitter, 80% to 34% as important to nonprofit marketers. Nonprofit Comm Trends Report.

Online communications will continue to dominate for nonprofits in 2012. Nonprofit Comm Trends Report.

Smaller nonprofits more social in person and online; big nonprofits prefer traditional marketing. Trends Report

What excites nonprofits: new websites, real marketing plans, integrating channels & social media. Trends Report:

What scares nonprofits: vying for attention, new social media, no $ for marketing & burning out. Trends Report:

The one thing that both excites and scares nonprofit communicators? Social media! 2012 Trends Report:


Want a historical reference? You can also download the 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.