Content Marketing for NonprofitsA Companion Worksheet for Content Marketing for Nonprofits

Does everyone see the "big picture" at your nonprofit?

If you are going to be strategic in your communications, everyone at your nonprofit needs to understand the big picture and how that affects your communications strategy. That's why one of the first exercises I do with new clients is to help them create a "Big Picture Communications Timeline."

This timeline maps out all of the events and milestones (both within and beyond your control) that will drive your communications in the coming year, along with your primary calls to action and the major story lines you want to share.

I don't believe you can create an effective editorial calendar without first doing a Big Picture Communications Timeline. Big Picture Communications Timeline

Use this worksheet with Chapter 7 of Content Marketing for Nonprofits.

Here is a version you can edit in PowerPoint and here it is as a static PDF.

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