I’m teaching Creating Awesome Content: Ideas for Nonprofit Writers on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, for our All-Access Pass Holders. I hope you’ll join us! The recording will be available in our training archive for Pass Holders 24 hours later.

Racking your brain for creative ideas for your next newsletter article or blog post? Here are 13 supporter-focused headlines that you can fill in to get you started. Edit as needed!

[Number] Miracles You've Created for _________ This Year

How Your Support Changed _________ into ___________

Why We Can't _______ Without You

The Secret Lives of  _________

[Number] Little _______ That Will _________

[Number] Steps to Becoming an Awesome _________

The Easiest Way to __________

If I'd Only Known: Lessons from __________

How Many of These Early Warning Signs of _________ Do You Recognize?

[Number] Myths that ___________ Believe

How to ________ When You Really Want to _________

[Number] Top Questions _________ Ask About _________

Our Favorite Clever Answers to Questions about __________


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