Every nonprofit online press room should have five essential elements:

• Current Press Releases

• Press Release Archive

• Contact Information

• Organizational Media Kit

• Calendar of Upcoming Events

Make It Easy for Reporters to Find Your Online Press Room

The first and most important rule in creating an
online press room is to make it easy for
reporters to get the information they seek
as quickly as possible, starting from the
second your homepage comes up on their
computer screens.

Create a visible link on
your home page that clearly labels your
press area.
“Press Room” and “Media Center” are
by far the two most popular titles for this
area. Other acceptable labels include
“Newsroom” and “Press Office.”

Don’t use
ambiguous labels like “News,” “News and
Information,” or “Resources.” All of these
labels are just as likely to contain general
information for any site visitor or articles
from automatic news feed services, as to
hold information created specifically for