Creative Ideas for Nonprofit WritersI just sent our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts for March to the 1,704 people who have requested to be on this special mailing list. My goal for the free service is simple:  To help you think a little more creatively about your communications, and to avoid the dreaded writer’s block!

I promise at least ten ideas per month, and often provide closer to 20. We cover the typical stuff like special days in the coming month that you might want to use as a starting point for an article or blog post or Facebook campaign. For March, that includes things like St. Patrick’s Day, Daylight Savings, and the First Day of Spring.

But we also look at cultural events that are happening that month, such as baseball’s Spring Training (what’s the equivalent in your field?).

We also try to identify popular trends or memes that you might be able to work with in your own special way. Here’s an example from the email we just sent:

If you think your audience has the sense of humor for it, the “Sh!t [Insert Type of Person] Says” video series are hot right now. Here is one called “Sh!t Politicians Say” so you get an idea of what you can do. You may want to say “Stuff” instead of “Sh!t.” Maybe “Stuff Apathetic Supporters Say.”

Ryan Gosling is very popular in several memes right now that could be a lot of fun to customize for your org. Check out several of the “Hey Girl” Tumblr blogs here. See another example on Facebook’s Ryan Gosling, Arts Administrator.

If you aren’t getting these free monthly emails from me, but find yourself short on fresh ideas, it’s time to subscribe!

P.S. Melinda McKee and Dawn Crawford are working on a Sh!t Nonprofit People Say video, if you want to contribute ideas!

Published On: February 9, 2012|Categories: Your Nonprofit Marketing Career Path|