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Hopefully you are scheduling some vacation time which means you may need some quick ideas to fill your editorial schedule while your gone. Don’t worry! We have exactly what you’re looking for with these writing prompts.

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*Please double-check any events to see if they have changed due to the lockdown or other current events.

On the Calendar

You’ll find events with specific dates on the shared Google Calendar.

6/1: Official Start of Hurricane Season in the US. If you work anywhere near the Gulf or Atlantic Coasts, you know all about Hurricane season, which starts June 1st and goes through November. How can you relate your work to hurricane preparedness, or the power of water and wind?

6/3: Repeat Day. Use this day to resend an email to people who didn’t open it the first time or republish a blog post that did well.

6/5: World Environment Day. It’s sort of like a global Earth Day headed by the United Nations Environment Programme. This year’s theme is Ecosystem Restoration.

6/8: Best Friends Day. Who are your organization’s best friends? Feature your most passionate supporters and volunteers.

6/14: Flag Day. Design a flag for your organization. If you serve kids or families, hold a contest asking them to draw a flag that represents your cause. Veterans groups can take a more literal view of the holiday and ask their clients what the American flag means to them.

6/15: Smile Power Day. This screams photo spread! Get the camera out and take some pics of your staff, volunteers or clients.

6/18: National Splurge Day. What would you do if you could suddenly purchase anything you wanted for your cause?

6/20: First Day of Summer. Think about ways to relate your cause to summer vacations or anything else summery.

6/20: Father’s Day. Just like Mother’s Day in May — plenty of opportunities here. Who is the “father” of your cause or organization? How can your supporters honor their fathers in a way that’s consistent with your cause?

Other special events in June include D-Day (6th), Loving Day (12th), Juneteenth (19th) and World Oceans Day (8th) Social Media Day (30th).

It’s also:

  • Great Outdoors Month
  • Gay Pride Month
  • Caribbean American Heritage Month
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
  • Student Safety Month
  • Zoo and Aquarium Month

Metaphor of the Month

This month’s metaphor is Travel. Think about vacations, planes, trains, cars, cruise ships, tickets, souvenirs, exploring, delays, road trips, tourists, GPS, luggage, business trips, language barriers, and maps. This year, you might also think about canceled trips, refunds, and online tours.

How can you relate these things to your organization?

Pop Culture, Events, and News

The NBA and NHL playoffs will continue through June.

Music Festivals are also starting to return this summer.

The 43rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors are the 6th. Recipients are Debbie Allen, Joan Baez, Garth Brooks, Midori, and Dick Van Dyke.

The French Open finals are June 12th and 13th, then Wimbledon begins the 28th.

The U.S. Open of golf will be held June 17-20 in San Diego, CA.

The Aspen Food and Wine Classic starts the 18th.

The 48th Daytime Emmy Awards will be the 25th.

Movies being released include F9, Luca, In the Heights, The Cojuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Spirit Untamed, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, and Batman: The Long Halloween.

TV premieres in June include America’s Got Talent, LEGO Masters, Beat Shazam, Making It, Celebrity Family Feud, The Chase, The Bachelorette, Loki, Love, Victor, The Celebrity Dating Game, Kevin Can F**k Himself, Rick and Morty, and A Discovery of Witches.

Source of the Month

People just love a good quote. You can create a blog post around a quote or simply post one to social media. To make it more share-worthy, lay the text from the quote over an image related to your cause. Goodreads has a popular quotes page, or you can simply search “famous quotes.” Just make sure you double-check your source! Lots of quotes are ascribed to famous people who didn’t actually say them.

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