Do you follow the 50-50 rule for content creation? (OK, it’s not a real rule, it’s just a starting point I made up.)

The idea is that about half of what you share in your communications is original content that you created recently and that hasn’t been published anywhere else yet. The other half is content that you have repurposed, remixed, reimagined, or otherwise recycled out of something that you produced sometime in the past (whether yesterday or two years ago).

The 50-50 rule is just a starting point. Depending on the kind of organization you are and your content strategy, you may lean more in either direction.

Repurposing is a good thing — it allows you to get your messages out in different formats without repeating yourself verbatim, and it also saves you a lot of time and energy. It’s the way that all creative professionals work.

I want to include a big section on how nonprofits are repurposing content in my new book, so I need your help.

Can you share your experiences with repurposing content at your nonprofit? 

Please complete the survey below. If you don’t see it embedded in the blog, here is the website link. 


Thank you!

Published On: July 11, 2012|Categories: Writing Skills and Content|