When we were at the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference a few weeks ago, we asked nonprofit marketers and communicators a series of three questions. One was, “What is the one tech tool you couldn’t do your job without?”

Here is what we heard:

Google Apps runs my whole life. I can’t live without Google calendar and Asana.com for project management.” – Leili Khalessi, Communications Director at Red Rover

TweetDeck aggregates everything that I need as far as my keywords, my feeds, and lists. I like the nimbleness of TweetDeck.” – Jason Shim, Digital Media Manager at Pathways to Education Canada

“I am loving Google Analytics. We didn’t have it for a long time but I love to see who is using our website and how we can take that information and make our site better.” – Mandy Toomey, Communications and Development Associate at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

“This year we switched to Drupal. And what also keeps me connected is my iPhone — media calls, contact with my staff, IM with my partners and staff.” – Robert Rosenthal, VP of Communications of Communications and Marketing at VolunteerMatch

“I love Twitter. People can take it and digest it as fast or slow as they like.” – Colin McClain, Research & Outreach Journalist at Happy Dancing Turtle

“I love Facebook. I like the fact that we get straight interaction with our audience. We get to find out what they think, ask fun questions, and introduce them to interns, volunteers and other people that work at our org. It’s nice that they get to see a face to go with the organization.” – Michael Crye, Online Service Manager at ACLU in Washington

“I am still experimenting, but I like using MailChimp instead of Constant Contact for newsletters. I also like Google Analytics for basic helpful stuff to keep track of what’s going on.”  – Meldon Jones, Communications Specialist at Community Advocates Public Policy Institute

“I just love Evernote. It’s that everything bucket; it’s on my iPhone. I have it on my iPad, my computer at work and my computer at home. I use it as a dumping ground – throw my ideas in there, some snippets, bioler plate text, links, quotes, everything I need to create and curate content.” – Sonja Barisic, Director of Marketing and Communications at St. Mary’s Home

“I do like to go to my blogs to get inspiration and guidance on the best strategies. I read your blog, and I also go to the bigger platforms like NTEN and competing organizations.” – Ellen Libby, Marketing Director at Physicians for Peace

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