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One of the reasons we created our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator blog series was to help you lay out everything you do for your organization in a typical day.

You can think of it as another way to carry out the exercise I shared with you last month that will let you:

  1. See if you are doing way too much and where you could scale back or delegate
  2. Compare your to-do list (or job description) with what you actually do
  3. Realize how much knowledge and expertise you actually have
  4. Prepare for meetings with your boss or board (especially yearly reviews or requests for raises or staff/budget increases)

This series also lets readers know they aren’t alone and gives us insight into the needs of our community.

People share things like:

  • What project management tools do you use to stay on schedule?
  • How many meetings do you typically have?
  • How do you communicate with your co-workers?
  • How many times do you check email in a day?
  • What do you do on your breaks (if you take any)

How You Can Contribute

It’s extremely simple! You just fill out the form below, then send me a picture of you at your desk.

Anyone who communicates with supporters of a nonprofit can share their Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator.

If you aren’t quite sure, you can see what others have said here:

Can’t see the form? Try this.

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