Writing a book can be a very lonely experience. It’s up to you and only you to put each word on the page. But at the same time, writing a book like The Nonprofit Marketing Guide is a group project, and I feel like I had scores of co-authors. You can’t read very many pages in it without coming across a great nonprofit story or some wonderful words of wisdom from people much smarter than I am.

In this slideshow, I thank many of the people who are featured in the book directly and indirectly. I showed this at the book party in DC on Friday and the response was so positive that I want to share it with you too.

There are still many more people to add, which I hope to do in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone in the book, and thanks to everyone who’s purchased a copy already! (Here’s the Amazon link if you want your own.)

P.S. Here’s what’s coming up on the webinar schedule . . .

June 16: Bootstrapping a Marketing Plan for the Rest of 2010

June 23: Turning Your Whole Staff and Board into an Effective Marketing Team

June 30: Asking Your Supporters to Fundraise and Friendraise for You Online

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