On Wednesday, we are releasing a new 45-page e-book and webinar on How to Tame Your Wild and Unwieldy Editorial Calendar.  The e-book includes ten different templates or schedules to use as a starting point for building out your calendar, along with lots of additional tips and advice.  The schedule will help you figure out how often to communicate and in which communications channels.

Here is the e-book’s decision tree that will help you decide which of the 10 templates to start with . . .

Decision Tree for Editorial Calendars E-Book


So let’s say you land on #10, which is the “Thought Leadership via Speaking – Striving Schedule.” You’d flip to that section of the e-book and find this guidance and chart:

“With this schedule, you’ll develop two major presentations to be delivered live, either at a conference or via a webinar.  You’ll also create two recordings per month. Recordings can be either videos or podcasts, ideally shared in multiple places (e.g., directly on YouTube, but also on your website or blog.) You’ll send highlights from these recordings and links to them, along with any additional content of interest, out via a monthly email newsletter.”


thought leadership editorial calendar via speaking


Want to see the other 10 schedules and get our tips on customizing them for your nonprofit? You can order the e-book or sign up for the webinar now, and we’ll share everything on Wednesday afternoon.

Published On: September 28, 2015|Categories: Editorial and Content Calendars|