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In the survey for the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, we asked you to identify what was extremely challenging about your job, and what wasn’t challenging at all.

What’s Most Challenging . . .

Time and money are always at the top of these lists in the nonprofit world, and it’s no different here. Those two challenges are the biggest based on what survey participants tagged as very or extremely challenging.

But inability to measure effectiveness and lack of clear strategy come next on the list, and there’s definitely something you can do about those two. In fact, they are linked! Get clear on what your strategy is and how you measure it will follow. Of course, to get to strategy, you need leadership to decide on goals first.

Lack of time to produce quality content – 38%

Lack of budget for direct expenses – 38%

Inability to measure effectiveness – 28%

Lack of clear strategy – 25%

Producing engaging content – 22%

Producing enough content – 20%

Difficulty integrating communications channels – 19%


What’s Least Challenging . . .

This year, we also asked you to tag what wasn’t challenging.

I found these results very encouraging, as I expected lack of buy-in from management or peers to be a bit higher on the list. I’m also happy to see that fear of failure is not as big a problem as I thought it might be. Here’s what  survey participants tagged as not at all or only occasionally challenging, or not applicable. 

Fear of failure or inability to experiment – 52%

Lack of buy-in or support from managers – 48%

Lack of knowledge or training needed to produce content – 48%

Lack of buy-in or support from peers – 48%

Not really knowing or understanding our target audiences – 47%

Unclear or unfocused messaging – 42%



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