Nonprofit Communications Free Day #npcommfreedayHere’s your friendly reminder . . . It’s time to block out some Nonprofit Communicator Free Days (#npcommfreeday) on your calendar between now and the end of the year!

These are meeting-free days where you shut the door, don’t answer the phone or email, and stay off social media too. To the outside world, it looks like a vacation day, but you are actually working. The difference? You work on those priorities that always seem to get bumped to the back burner by the regular hustle and bustle.

Here are the kinds of tasks many nonprofit communicators choose to tackle on their Nonprofit Communicators Free Day:

  • Working on your editorial calendar
  • Getting your files organized
  • Working on your database
  • Cleaning out your office or tackling the piles on your desk
  • Catching up on your reading
  • Writing several blog posts or newsletter articles in advance
  • Updating the evergreen content on your website
  • Spending time with people who represent your ideal readers or donors or program participants to better understand their wants and needs
  • Dreaming big about possibilities for next month or next year
  • Working your way through some online training

Take a look at your calendar right now. Can you block out at least one day between now and the end of the year for your Nonprofit Communicators Free Day? I’ve blocked out October 4 and November 15 personally.

Tell us which day you picked in the comments or using the hashtag #npcommfreeday.

Published On: September 12, 2013|Categories: Your Nonprofit Marketing Career Path|