Tomorrow, I start teaching a two-webinar series on nonprofit storytelling. This Thursday (4/26/12), I’ll explain how to tell good nonprofit stories, and next week (5/2/12) we’ll work through editing some real stories submitted by participants. Want to join us? Grab an All-Access Pass and you are in!

Kathy Swayze is a great nonprofit storyteller — it’s the core of her consulting business at Impact Communications. I recently interviewed Kathy to get some of her favorite tips on how nonprofits can tell better stories.

(Here’s the link if you don’t see the player.)


Just a few of Kathy’s tips:

  • Get up from your desk. The story won’t come to you.
  • Ask program staff to share moments when they were personally touched or an otherwise memorable moment.
  • Work with program staff to be on the look out for good stories.
  • As a fundraiser and communicator, make sure that your program staff realize that you are genuinely interested in their work.

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Published On: April 25, 2012|Categories: Fundraising, Storytelling, Writing Skills and Content|