Top TenYesterday I shared our Top Ten Blog Posts from 2012, and today I want to share the Top Ten Articles for 2012 on, our main website, in case you missed them. These are the top article pages we added in 2012, not the top pages overall.

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1. Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors

2. 14 Ways to Share Results with Your Donors

3. Fundraising Stories That Don’t Work and What’s Different About the Ones That Do

4. Five Ways to Sabotage Your Ask for Support

5. Mapping Out Your Big Picture Communications Timeline

6. Blah Blah Blah: How to Cut Back When You Write Too Much

7. How to Write (or Create Content) Fast!

8. How I Write Awesome Content 

9. Five Goals for a Nonprofit Communications Strategy

10. Nonprofit Communications, With and Without a Content Strategy

I used unique page views in Google Analytics to determine the Top Ten.

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