Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year where we show our readers some love with some FREE goodies. 

Today’s freebie is a little more advanced, but one a lot of you will need.

Do you know the difference between a strategic plan versus an annual work plan? Where does an editorial calendar fit in?

If you are confused about how many different plans you have, take this self-paced online course:

Documenting Communications Decisions: What Goes Where

This course includes a 3-minute video then lessons that break down:

  • Multi-Year Communications Strategic Plans
  • Annual Work Plans
  • Campaign or Project Plans
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Shared or Personal To-Do Lists

While this course is recommended for Marketing Maturity Levels 4 and 5, Free Members can access any free course they are interested in regardless of their level.

You will need to be a Free Member to access this course:

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