Do your family and friends ever ask that question?

Well, now you can tell them (and all of our readers) what you do during a typical day in your life at work!

Yep, it’s once again time for me to ask you to share your Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator.

We started this popular series in 2013 to get a glimpse into the everyday, nitty-gritty things you have to do for your job as a nonprofit communicator.

We created this series as a fun way to help us better understand our community’s needs and to also let other nonprofit communicators know they aren’t alone in the crazy, chaotic world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. (And I have also had more than one person say it helped show friends and family what all they do at work! “See, Mom? I told you I have a real job!”)

But now we need to hear from more of you, out in the field, doing your thing in order to keep this series going.

Who is eligible to submit?

Anyone who communicates with supporters of a nonprofit can participate in our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator series. So communications directors, fundraisers, social media managers, and more should fill out the form below!

Here are a few of our most recent contributors so you know how it works:

Lauren McCafferty

Teresa Arnold

Wendy Hayes

Alison Zaccone

Stacy Harbaugh

Now it’s your turn!

We want to hear ALL about your day – from favorite tools that make your job easier to where you normally eat for lunch (although more times than not, you’re eating lunch at your desk, aren’t you?).

Don’t be shy!

Share your day with us by filling out the form below.

THEN send me a picture of you and a brief bio.


Don’t see the form? Try this.

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