Do you check work email as soon as you get up? Do you grab a coffee on the commute? Listen to a podcast?

Do you have a weekly meeting? Set up your to-do list in the morning or afternoon?

What about lunch? Do you make a point to go for a walk or eat with friends or do you eat at your desk?

What’s going on at your desk RIGHT NOW?

We want to hear what your typical Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator looks like for our popular blog series.

Tell us all about the day-to-day work that keeps your organization going.

How It Works

It’s extremely simple! You just fill out the form below, then send me a picture and your bio.

Anyone who communicates with supporters of a nonprofit can share their Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator.


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Here are a few of our most recent contributors:

We started this popular series in 2013 to get a glimpse into the everyday behind-the-scenes things you have to do for your job as a nonprofit communicator.

We created it as a fun way to help us better understand our community’s needs and to also let other nonprofit communicators know they aren’t alone in the crazy, chaotic world of nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

Your Turn!

Don’t be shy! Share your day with us by filling out the form above.

THEN send me a picture of you and a brief bio.

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