Set your goalsIn the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, we asked participants to rate their effectiveness on several common nonprofit communications goals.

We’ll reveal all the details in the full report in January 2018 (reserve your copy here), but I wanted to share a preview with you now, as you plan for 2018.

Of the 12 most common nonprofit communications goals, survey participants rated themselves most effective, in this order, at

  • Supporting event fundraising (galas, walks, etc.) — 34% rated themselves “very or extremely effective.”
  • Brand building and reputation management for the organization — 32% rated themselves “very or extremely effective.”
  • Engaging community to keep people inspired by and active in our work — 29% rated themselves “very or extremely effective.”
  • Communicating internally with our staff and board — 26% rated themselves “very or extremely effective.”
  • Recruiting and engaging with participants to use programs and services — 26% rated themselves “very or extremely effective.”

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