In the 2013 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, we asked nonprofit communicators which types of content they expected to spend the most time producing in 2013. Email newsletter articles and Facebook updates were the most popular choices, followed by event marketing and website articles.

What You Spend Time Producing

Nonprofits with budgets over $1 million were more likely to say they would spend time on print fundraising appeals, print newsletters, annual reports, and press releases compared to nonprofits with smaller budgets.

Nonprofits with budgets under $1 million were more likely to say they would spend time on event marketing and presentations delivered in person compared to nonprofits with larger budgets.

Of course, this doesn’t include all the non-content creation to-dos you spend time on, like your inbox, staff meetings, etc.

But if you think just about the time you spend working on creating communications, how does this compare to your experience? Please share in the comments.

Tomorrow I’ll share some time-saving tips specifically for e-newsletters and Facebook.



Published On: January 22, 2013|Categories: Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies, Email Marketing|