Yesterday we announced that we were making the recording for our webinar, Stupid Things Nonprofit Marketers Can Stop Doing, available as part of our Free Membership Program (you can also get the recording without becoming a member).

During the webinar, we polled the 465 attendees on which of the stupid things they were guilty of. They could pick multiple choices and not everyone voted in every poll, but the trends are still clear . . .

Stupid Things Poll Results

(click on the graphic for a bigger version)

As you can see, trying to do too much at once and using generic words like “help” and “support” in a call to action were the ones nonprofit marketers admitted to doing the most.

I know a lot of you are one or two person communications departments or executive directors or program staff who also handle the communications for your nonprofit. You are busy, but want to keep up with marketing trends and do what’s best for your cause. But as I covered in a previous post, When Doing a Crappy Job Is a Good Thing, sometimes you have to prioritize and focus on doing a few things really well and letting some others sit on the back burner for a while.

We are taking tomorrow off for the Independence Day holiday here in the U.S., but on Friday, I will blog about alternatives to generic words like “help” and “support” — since they don’t really let your supporters know what they are actually supposed to do to “help” or “support” your cause. I’ll cover other empty words like “programs” and “services” too.

P.S. We  also released this handy-dandy infographic for you to use as a quick reference guide or conversation starter in the office. (In case you can’t print out the full-sized infographic, we have also created a legal sized printable that we have added to the recording page with the handouts.)