I know how busy you are. I also know how much better you’d feel about your communications work if you had a focused, creative, and realistic marketing plan guiding your decisionmaking.

That’s why I’m teaming up with Nancy Schwartz in October to provide a one-day, in-person, intensive marketing plan workshop.

Look who’s already signed up for the New York City and Washington DC events:

  • a statewide ballet
  • a watershed protection group
  • a journalists association
  • a cultural council
  • community health care providers
  • several international cultural organizations
  • a group assisting people with spinal cord injuries
  • family service organizations
  • religious charities
  • and more.

You can join us too, in New York on October 7 and in Washington on October 28. Plan with us for one day, and you’ll have a blueprint you can use forever.

Learn more about the Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop.