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Get Nonprofit ClientsFreelancers and consultants who specialize in serving nonprofit clients are a small part of our Nonprofit Marketing Guide community, but one that I enjoy working with.

I get lots of calls and emails from writers, designers, and consultants who want to learn how they can make their businesses work serving the nonprofit sector. (I also get tons of pitches from annoying app developers who think they have invented the most fabulous tool ever for nonprofits, but that’s another story.)

About five years ago, I ran a training program called “Writing for Nonprofits” for freelancer writers, but most of the content in that program is the same material that I’ve shared here and in my books — all the stuff about how to actually create the communications nonprofits need to produce.

The part that is missing is the business side — how to market your services to nonprofits clients, how they are different from business clients, and how to serve them well.

So, I decided to launch a new site focusing on those topics, and to branch out beyond freelance writers.

The new site is called and it includes a weekly e-newsletter on Mondays and a blog post on Wednesdays or Thursdays. You can sign up for one or both on the site, and also follow on Facebook and Twitter. I will probably launch a coaching program later in the fall (we’ll see how my schedule shakes out).

Almost 300 people have signed up for the newsletter in the last week, so we are off to a great start. If you are a freelancer or consultant serving nonprofits (or want to be), I hope you’ll join us!

Here are a few recent posts:


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  • Dustin Moody

    This is great! I’ve loved following your blog and will be excited to be a fan of this new one, as well. I’m about to make a move to Colorado from Florida and a possible jump into more freelance writing and consulting work, so this is a welcome resource. Thanks, Kivi!

  • Sarah Durham

    this is a great idea, Kivi! So glad you’re doing it. 🙂

  • Sarah Crichlow

    Hi Kivi! I’ve been following your blog for over a year, and this post has me really excited! I’ve worked in the nonprofit industry for 12 years and have created every type of communications piece imaginable! I have a photography and graphic design obsession, coupled with a degree in PR an Marketing. I’d love to offer my experience as a freelancer/consultant to nonprofits…my question is this: I currently work as a Development Director for a private school…what should my concerns be in terms of conflicts of interest? Would I be OK as long as I avoid projects with other schools? I so look forward to reading your e-newsletters and blog posts…thank you for sharing your talents!

    • Hi Sarah — You do need to be careful about conflicts of interest when you are on staff. The best approach is to be upfront about it and to discuss it with your management, so you know the ground rules. I would avoid other schools, and there may be some other limits too. You just need to talk through the concerns.