2016 Portrait of a Nonprofit Communications Director [Infographic]

Download your copy of the full 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report here!

Today we are sharing the second of two infographics for this year’s trends report.  (Here’s the first one, on communications channels, frequency and teams.)

See below to discover:

  • How many communications directors and coordinators plan to leave their jobs in the next two years.
  • The biggest challenges for communications staff.
  • Average annual salaries for communications directors and coordinators (see full report for data by organization size).
  • Tips for executive directors on how to improve relationships with communications staff.



Portrait of



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  • dsmjsm

    I’d love to see (and forgive me if it’s in the trends report and I missed it) a comparison of communications coordinator vs director job responsibilities. I’ve had both jobs, and except for the title and pay, the jobs were the same. I think more nonprofits are going to a “coordinator” position because they can’t afford the salary a “director” position usually mandates.

    • We didn’t ask about responsibilities per se, so you didn’t miss it. I think you are right in how many nonprofits treat communications. But ideally the director role is has more responsibility for setting strategy, planning, budgeting, internal coordination, etc. and not just tactical implementation that is more likely in the coordinator role.

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