Yesterday, I shared some data on how people still want to hear from you and the types of content they said they wanted. Today I am sharing what Facebook thinks you should post based on their new guide for its media partners – Global Coronavirus Resource: Connecting People During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In addition to what we’ll talk about today, the guide also shares popular Facebook tools and how to use them, a section on setting up Page fundraisers you could share with your supporters, a section on working from home, and basic Facebook account housekeeping.

Download your own copy of the guide and see other resources from Facebook.

Today we’ll look at what Facebook thinks is “meaningful content.” They suggest you create content that is:

1. Engaging

Facebook suggests responding to comments on your posts as well as commenting on other people’s content.

2. Relevant

Know what your audience needs. Use hashtags and clear headlines to be found more easily.

3. Original

Avoid re-posting content you didn’t create if it pertains to the pandemic unless it’s from reputable health authorities like WHO.

4. Consistent

Post regularly so people look forward to you content and will seek out your Page. They also encourage using multiple formats like photos, video and plain text.

5. Retentive

Facebook suggests creating long form videos 3+ minutes in length to keep people watching longer.

If you are still struggling with what to say (not only on social, but all of your communications), we have more tips for you:

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