Yesterday I taught a webinar called “Content Creation Strategies for Nonprofits: Making the Most of Your Writing, Photos, and More.”  More than 650 people registered from 46 U.S. states and 22 other countries. (Pass this on to your nonprofit friends in Alaska, Delaware, Mississippi and South Dakota – we missed them!) Nonprofits are clearly very interested in how they can do a better job creating and managing content.

I compare nonprofit communications directors who need to create lots of content for different audiences to busy parents who need to make sure their families are well fed throughout the week. The solution in both cases? Make-ahead meal planning.

Just like you create a weekly menu, shop and do some prep work on the weekend to make cooking during the week faster, you should use an editorial calendar, tag material you might use later as you find it, plan how you’ll make and bake new content (I say shoot for 50% new material), and then work on ways to reheat and remix that content to create the rest. I also share some of my favorite tools and short-cuts for organizing, creating, and repurposing content. We are currently compiling the list of favorite tools that more than 300 live participants on the webinar shared with us and will post that soon.

Below are the slides from the presentation. If you’d like to watch the recorded one-hour webinar, register as a free member of Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s Learning Center. That will give you access to this webinar, including three sample editorial calendar templates, and other free resources on the site, including the “First 100 Days of Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job” e-book.

Published On: July 24, 2009|Categories: Workflows, Processes, and Productivity, Writing Skills and Content|