Content Creation Strategies

Learn how to generate, organize, and maximize content for your nonprofit's communications program.

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It's hard enough to get a newsletter out, and now you have to keep your website content fresh, update your blog, post photos and updates to your Facebook page, send out a press release, and share success stories with your donors in personalized thank-you letters, not to mention tweeting!

Can one person or one small nonprofit do it all? Yes, if you have a good content creation strategy.

During this webinar, we look at

  • Why an editorial calendar is the lithium for your content creation mania (you'll get sample templates for several different kinds of editorial calendars)
  • Where to get ideas for new content (you'll be surprised how much you have once you know where to look)
  • Setting realistic goals for yourself and prioritizing which content to create first
  • Using technology to speed up your content creation and distribution (and watching for tech pitfalls that can slow you down)
  • How to recycle what you create into different formats - and for different audiences
  • Ways to organize everything so you can find it and reuse it later
  • How to recruit other people to generate content for you (and how to be a kind but decisive editor when they do)

Kivi Leroux MillerKivi Leroux Miller, president of EcoScribe Communications and founder of Nonprofit Marketing, taught this webinar on July 23, 2009. Nearly 700 people from 23 nations registered for the webinar and over 300 attended it live.