Abby Gwaltney. Please note that pictured here are 50% of my children and less than half of the pets currently quarantining with me as I work from home

Here is another submission for our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Quarantine Edition. Let’s see how everyone else is doing out there adapting.

Abby’s Bio:

Abby is the Director of Communications & Outreach at the Community Coalition for Haiti.  The best part of her job is sharing amazing stories of how we’re transforming people’s lives in Haiti with medical care, goats and chickens, and better schools.  Abby has always loved writing and volunteering.  After trying out a few science-y jobs out of college, she decided to go back to school for an MPA in 2010 and pivot to the professional nonprofit world.  Since then, she’s learned a ton about CRM databases, websites, graphic design, and fundraising.  As a nonprofit communicator, Abby loves the intersection of helping people and learning new skills.  She’s passing on her love of volunteering to the next generation by bribing her kids to stuff envelopes for direct mail campaigns.  Abby also loves playing outside, drinking wine with friends, and joking around with her big crazy family. 

And this is her typical work day while quarantined:

Before 8:00 a.m. Do you immediately grab your phone when you wake up? Are you taking the dog out? Breakfast with the family? Do you get dressed right away?


8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m Are you on the computer now or getting the kids set up with their school work? Dressed yet? Zoom meetings with colleagues?

Eat breakfast, clean up the kitchen, make sure kids know the schedule for the day. Plug in my headphones, sit down at my desk and try to ignore the chaos in my midst and get some work done.

10:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m. Are you still on schedule for the day? What systems are you using to stay organized? Is someone else in your house also working from home? How are you getting along? Dressed yet?

More work. More chaos. Somebody’s gotta make sure my kids eat lunch. Is it me? Yes, it’s me. Again. Today.

What time is it even? Are you hungry or just bored? Why is 6th grade math so different now? Did your significant other really just say “let’s circle back” on that call? Are you dressed yet?

Figure out how to use the chat box on Blackboard or go with God, children. I don’t care anymore. Tech support is closed for Corona.

Nap Time. What else is there to do? If you got dressed, do you get undressed for your nap?

Nap time!?!?!? No, not with my life. It’s time to finish the mass email draft and hit “send” hoping there aren’t any major typos (and why does my computer keep trying to autocorrect “Healthcare Heroes” to “Healthcare Herpes”!?

Now, it’s really time to work. Did you finish everything you needed to do?

I’m done by 4:00pm most days. But I only work part-time, so I can spread those 4 hours out amidst temper tantrums, sibling fights, and All. The. Meals.

Wine O’Clock. White or red? Guess you don’t have to get dressed…

Yup, a nice glass of red to go with my meal prep. It really helps take the edge off the fact that my kids have been snacking all day and aren’t going to eat the healthy dinner I’m cooking from scratch.

Thanks for sharing, Abby!

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