It’s time for Mixed Links…

Let’s try to figure out Why Nonprofits Struggle with Diversity with Kishshana Palmer.

Listen to what Leaders of Color in the nonprofit industry have to say “about being underestimated, breaking barriers, and whether things are getting better.”

Vu Le asks Have nonprofit and philanthropy become the “white moderate” that Dr. King warned us about?

Nonprofits and Foundations Are Unintentionally Promoting Racism: Here’s How to Stop

If you missed this post yesterday, Antionette Kerr asks (and helps you answer) Are Your Comms Helpful Now or Just Adding More Noise?

LinkedIn Offers Free Courses in Diversity and Inclusion to Improve Community Understanding

Want to help with your pocketbook too? Classy tells you how to Donate to Racial Justice and Equality Efforts.

Check out The Building Movement Project’s report, Nonprofit Executives and the Racial Leadership Gap: A Race to Lead Brief.

Diversity Best Practices has Bold and Inclusive Leadership: The Time is Now.

Ann Gynn tries to explain How to Do Diverse and Inclusive Content Marketing That Matters.

And we’ll end it where we began with Kishshana Palmer’s The Looting Of My Soul.

Peace and blessings to everyone out there and keep fighting the good fight.

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