npcarnival.gifWe are excited to host this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival! Many of the questions we get about nonprofit marketing and fundraising ultimately boil down to personal relationships and how well your teams are functioning. So we decided to ask for posts about getting along with others in the nonprofit world. We have some great advice to share!

Working with Boards

Fundchasing has some tips on Improving Board and Staff Relationships for Fundraising.

Help your board craft their fundraising pitches with the 3 + 3 + 3 Guide for Getting your Board to Spread the Word.

In a guest post for us, Kathy Westra talks about how, with lots of patience and persistence, she was able to convince her board to approve a sorely needed new staff member.

And Lori Jacobwith asks Do you and your board play well together?

Working with Fundraisers

If you are a fundraiser having trouble with your program staff (or the other way around), Vanessa Chase shares How Fundraisers Can Foster Better Relationships With Programs Folks.

If the turnover rate for your fundraisers is concerning you, check out Why a Good Nonprofit Fundraiser is Hard to Keep: Support, Culture, Infrastructure by Claire Axelrad.

Kate Smallwood has Better Together: How Fundraising and Marketing/Communications Teams Can Collaborate and Conquer.

In a slight twist on the theme, Cassie Bair explains how mobile fundraising can get along with your traditional fundraising in Mobile Fundraising and Traditional Giving Campaigns: Unrivaled Collaboration.

In Working in Harmony as a Development Team, Donna Mehr shares how competing for money from the same pool of donors can get ugly and how we can do better.

Working with Grant Writers

Jake Seliger explains how to form partnerships when applying for grants in Is It Really a Partnership, Or Is It a Convenient Arrangement to Get the Money.

Playing Nicely in the Proposal Sandbox from Nonprofit Evolution brings up some great points about making sure your grant writers are working with program staff.

Working with Program Staff

Why does your program staff need to go through the marketing department to post on Facebook? Ann Green answers this question and more in Communication and Planning are Keys to Good Working Relationships.

Pam Grow asks How is your organization creating a culture of philanthropy and shares one organization’s story.

Working with Consultants

If you are thinking about hiring a consultant, check out Taylor Overstreet’s 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Consultant.

Working with Volunteers

Lori Halley at Wild Apricot warns us to remember there are two sides to every story in Can We All Just Get Along For The Greater Good?

More Tips on Getting Along with Others

Raechel Haller shares this post and infographic on how to give performance reviews that are actually helpful.

Andy Adams, in a guest post for us, tells how you can get your IT staff invested in your cause.

Tom Peterson reminds us to Share Ideas Freely.

And while you will crack up reading the When You Work for a Nonprofit tumblr, it also points out the obvious division felt between different parts of a nonprofit.

Thanks to all of these great contributors!

Big Duck is hosting next month’s carnival and is asking for your tips on how to write great email.

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