Got nonprofit email newsletter questions? We’ve got answers!

Do I have to do a nonprofit email newsletter?

Probably. Here’s how to figure out if it’s needed and how to make it worth it.

Give Your Newsletter a Reason to Live

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Should I send the email newsletter to our whole list?

Usually, unless it is for a specific segment of your mailing list. But you also need to stop emailing people who never open your content.

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What content should I put in my nonprofit email newsletter?

Make it personal, useful, and timely.

What to PUT in Your Newsletter

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What should an email newsletter look like?

A simple, single column is best. It will look good no matter what device it’s read on.

Here are a couple of makeovers for you:

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Click Me: An E-Newsletter Makeover with Mission India


How do we get people to open the email newsletter?

It’s all about delivering good content consistently. Good subject lines can also help, but they aren’t everything. Being recognized and valued is what matters.

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How do we get people to subscribe?

3 E-Newsletter Sign-Up Boxes I Like


Want more? I teach Creating Awesome Email Newsletters once a year. 

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