When I was in Austin last month, I had a chance to catch up with Sara Peralta, the communications manager for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

Sara has a very interesting story to share about how she has transitioned from a more traditional “do everything” communications manager position to one where she is primarily a “brand journalist” or “internal journalist.”

Watch this 10-minute interview with Sara to learn

  • What being an “internal journalist” means in terms of Sara’s time and focus
  • How she is helping the food bank go beyond “ABC” donor storytelling to tell more complex and nuanced stories that raise more money
  • How she is using just a handful of these stories to power her integrated marketing campaigns.

Don’t see it? Go here: https://youtu.be/vD1FOm5AR2I

Although the summer campaign Sara talks about is over, you can see the mini-site here. We’ve asked Sara to guest blog about using storytelling in her upcoming holiday campaign in early 2014. Want to watch it in action? Follow the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas website and Facebook page.