carving by committee by marketoonist

We cover a lot of topics during our six-month Nonprofit Marketing Guide Mentoring Program:

1. Defining and Understanding Who You Are Communicating With – January

2. Refining Your Messaging and Calls to Action – February

3. Finding the Right Personality for Your Communications – March

4. Mapping Out Your Content Strategy and Calendar – April

5. Using Online Marketing Tools Effectively – May

6. Building Your Marketing Team – June

But the real goal of the program is to help participants make better marketing decisions. Just like the (failed) pumpkin carvers in the cartoon, nonprofits are too often bogged down with too many possibilities and not enough guidance on how to make good decisions.

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide Mentoring Program gets you there in a number of ways. We focus on best practices, but also experimenting to see what works for you. We give you suggestions for what to do at various stages of your own professional development, and for what makes sense given the marketing maturity of your nonprofit.  We also give you personal and direct feedback on your work.

Sound good?

I’m accepting applications for the Early 2014 program now and will begin offering the 10 available slots to applicants the first week of November.  It’s free to apply, of course, but the program does cost $500 per month or $2500 in advance.

Have questions about whether this makes sense for you? Feel free to email me.