It’s the first of the month, which is Blogtipping Day. This month I selected three blogs I hadn’t read before from the list at’s Give & Take section. It’s the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s section on the nonprofit blogosphere and they have a nice list of nonprofit blogs on the site. I’m also getting a fair amount of traffic to this blog from their list, so I owe them a little love.
On to the ‘tipping . . .

Sea Change Strategies “Research and strategy for remarkable causes”

What I Like:

1. The About Us page describes how they are different from other consultants. I’m rewriting my “about” page and I appreciate their approach. I actually read the whole thing because it was interesting and not just a laundry list of skills.

2. Helpful posts written in a personal style.

3. Nice logo, nice look.

My Tip:

Flesh out that blogroll a bit. Tell us who you like to read.

The Nonprofiteer “Nonprofits without the Nonsense”

What I Like:

1. Pooh-poohs the “pretense and pieties” of the nonprofit sector.

2. Some interesting perspectives I haven’t seen elsewhere – originality in blogging is always a great thing in my mind.

3. Substantive posts; not lots of fluff.

My Tip:

The blog is written in the third person: “The Nonprofiteer says . . .” I find it a bit off-putting.

Wild Apricot “A Blog on Nonprofit Technology”

What I Like:

1. This is an IT company blog, but the majority of posts aren’t sales pitches or product updates.

2. Very how-to and tip oriented.

3. It’s easy on the eyes – text is very easy to read online.

My Tip:

Put the full post on the main page for at least the most recent post or two. I know this is just a personal pet peeve, but I don’t like all the “Read More” links on the front page.

Please join me in blogtipping the first of each month. It’s as simple as this post. You offer three things you like and one suggestion for three different blogs. Tag your post blogtipping and if it is about nonprofit sector blogs, npblogtipping.

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