I had to do a little digging to find some stellar posts on the opportunities to shine that many nonprofits are missing (my stated theme for the week), so the Carnival is a tad late, but still great. Check out these posts to improve the way you present your nonprofit to donors, supporters, the media, and others.

Jeff Brooks at Donor Power Blog says nonprofits need to focus on how their work makes people FEEL, rather than on what the nonprofit is doing.

Kevin Carroll at frogloop describes a tool that will help you shine more brightly: A/B split testing of your web pages and emails to make sure that you pick the content and design that really works.

Nancy Schwartz at Getting Attention has several ideas on ways your nonprofit can shine, including commenting on others’ successes.

Tom at The Agitator explain how keeping on eye on your competition (and yes, nonprofits do compete with each other) is a good way to ensure you stand out.

Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound, shows you another way to get your story in front of reporters – by reading the blogs they write.

Guy Kawasaki at How to Change the World has a Top Ten List summary of the new Duct Tape Marketing book. Though it’s written for small businesses, nonprofits can use the lessons too. Instead of sales, think donations.

Same goes for Jim Logan’s Blog, which talks about the unused power of testimonials. Don’t overlook opportunities to have other people speak on your behalf. Replace “paying customer” with “long-time donor.”

And here’s your bonus host post: how to write an event summary that will help you stand out.

Next week the Carnival moves to The Bamboo Project. See you there!

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