That’s the exact question I got at a conference last week, and it’s one I get quite often. 

You or your team are regularly producing content — in this case, an email newsletter — that you know isn’t any good.

Can you stop?

Yes, please, for everyone’s sake, stop producing your crappy newsletter. 

Now the next question is, “Should you produce something else instead?”

Odds are, the answer is Yes. What would a great newsletter look like? One that your supporters look forward to getting? One that you actually enjoy creating?

The participants in our current Accelerator course are wrestling with those questions right now.

We’ll also talk other strategic questions about email newsletters and how to create really good ones during our two-part webinar series May 9 & 11,  Creating Awesome Email Newsletters.

Here are a few steps to get you headed in the right direction . . . 

  1. Does your newsletter have a reason to live? You must give it one, or you are destined to forever produce a crappy newsletter.
  2. Focus on creating content that is Personal, Useful, and/or Timely. This is what you PUT in your newsletter.
  3. Pick just a couple of key metrics to watch. I explain email metrics here.

We’ll cover everything else you need to know during the webinar series.

Published On: April 26, 2017|Categories: Email Marketing|